Beatrice Lapbreaker


Hi! I love all kinds of socks, but I've recently been buying lots of fun striped toe socks. For some reason, the dollar stores I frequent have been stocking them lately (no pun intended), so I just keeping buying them. I can't seem to help it. I try to be picky about the colors, but I still end up leaving w/ at least 2 pairs.
I didn't used to like toe socks, cos I have stubby toes & small enough feet that if I pull the socks up for the toes to be comfy, the heel goes up past my ankle. But these ones I've been finding lately don't seem to have a designated heel, so now I'm the proud owner of roughly 10 pairs of toe socks.
I wish I had a digital camera. I keep thinking I need to take pictures of my lovely socks & post them for my friends to see, but perhaps this would be a better place. If a miracle occurs & I get a digital camera in the near future, I will attempt to show you my (meager) collection, toed & otherwise, if you wish.